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Russian games of European quality since 2001

Hobby World is the leading Russian publisher and distributor of table top games. The company was founded in Moscow, and the first products were made in 2001. Our games were produced under the brands of Hobby-games, Smart and Fantasy World.

Hobby World published the Russian editions of many world famous boardgames, including Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Munchkin, Dominion, Power Grid, and Citadels. We established partnetrships with the European and American leaders of hobby games industry.

Hobby World is the exclusive Russian distributor of Wizards of the Coast (Magic The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons), Games Workshop (Warhammer) and Cryptozoic (World of Warcraft TCG).

Hobby World also develops its own games. One of them, Berserk, became the most popular collectible card game in Russia, and more than 20 expansions of Berserk were published since 2003. The other well-known boardgame of Hobby World is Metro 2033. It is based on the bestselling novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky, the world famous science fiction author from Russia.

Our partners

- Cartamundi
- Cryptozoic
- Fantasy Flight Games
- Rio Grande Games
- Steve Jackson Games
- UltraPRO
- Wizards of the Coast

- Abacusspiele
- 2F Spiele
- Eggertspiele
- Hans im Glueck
- Kosmos Verlag
- Lookout Games
- Ludo Fact
- PD Verlag
- Pegasus Spiele
- Winning Moves

- Dice & Games
- Games Workshop
- Sophisticated Games

- Days of Wonder

- Giochi Uniti
- Nexus

Doing Business Together

If you have good game products for the Russian market, Hobby World could become your official Russian distributor.

Hobby World licenses the Russian editions of world bestselling games. If you believe that your game needs a Russian version, we could purchase a license and produce the Russian edition.

Our games outside Russia
If you like any of the games developed by Hobby World, we could offer you a license for the language and territory of your operation.

Business Contact
Nikolay Pegasov, Director of Business Development
tel. +7 926 521 80 04