Adeptus Titanicus Loyalist Legions Dice


Возрастные ограничения: 14 лет и старше

Производитель: Games Workshop

Show your loyalty to the Emperor and the Imperial Truth with a set of twenty dice designed for use in your games of Adeptus Titanicus. Included in this set are nine standard six-sided dice, two ten-sided dice, six Order dice for issuing commands to your Titans and Knights, a Hit Location dice and Reactor dice for determining where your Titans take damage and how hard they're pushing their reactors, and a Scatter dice for randomising blasts. Each of these dice is metallic looking, with blue pips and detailing. On the six-sided dice, an Imperial Aquila replaces the 6. CONTENTS Contains 20 dice: – 1x Adeptus Titanicus Reactor dice – 1x Adeptus Titanicus Hit Location dice – 2x D10 – 6x Adeptus Titanicus Order dice – 9x D6 with an Imperial Aquila on the 6 – 1 x Adeptus Titanicus Scatter dice