Blood Bowl: Chaos Chosen Team Dice Set


Возрастные ограничения: 12 лет и старше

Производитель: Games Workshop

Серия игр: Blood Bowl: Chaos Chosen Team

This updated set of Chaos Chosen team dice look like they're made from iron forged in hellfire, with high-contrast red markings, including the Chaos Chosen team icon on the 6-sided dice. Make sure your opponent knows you're all about the serious business of murder when you roll these during your next game.

This set includes all of the dice you need to play:

  • 3x Blood Bowl Block dice
  • 2x 6-sided dice with the Chaos Chosen Team icon in place of the ‘6’
  • 1x 8-sided dice Blood Bowl Scatter Dice
  • 1x 16-sided dice