Blood Bowl: Khorne Pitch and Dugouts


Возрастные ограничения: 16 лет и старше


Язык: Английский

Производитель: Games Workshop

Серия игр: Blood Bowl: Khorne Team

Усыпанное черепами поле Живодёров из племени Черепов, яростных и кровожадных служителей Кхорна, свирепого бога войны. Нет лучшего способа умилостивить этого грозного бога Хаоса, чем принести ему в жертву череп поверженного в бою противника – и команда Живодёров отлично с этим справляется.

The Khorne team's home pitch doubles as both a place to play Blood Bowl and a place to worship Khorne – some say the two go hand in hand so well that there is no practical difference. Over time the horror of this skull-strewn gridiron becomes blessed by Khorne and blood rains from the sky.

Both sides of this board depict a Khorne team home pitch, giant brass symbols of Khorne surrounded by thousands of skulls. As violence breaks out during games of Blood Bowl, Khorne calls blood to rain from the sky, transforming the pitch into a slippery, blood-slick mess, which is represented on the reverse of the board.

The dugouts feature skull-packed and bloody sides, and they have the usual Reserves, Knocked Out and Casualty boxes, plus Score, Turn, and Re-roll trackers. Rules for representing the particular features of both sides of the pitch are also included in this set.