Want a game experience that combines friends, skill, suspense, laughter, and maybe a little luck? You've got it all with this Jenga Quake game. You'll be on the edge of your seat as you pull out your blocks, knowing that the tower can start to shake at any time. Can you finish your turn before the tower totally comes crashing down?

Prepare for the Quake:

The classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game of Jenga has had a shake-up! When you stack the wooden blocks in a tower, you'll take turns pulling out blocks one by one like always. But the tower vibrates randomly as you play, and you never know when the most rumbling is going to happen. Is your hand steady enough to pull out the last block before the tower collapses? Will you do it before the big quake takes the whole stack down? That's the only way you can win playing the Jenga Quake game.

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The Ultimate Party Game:

It's all about aftershocks and falling blocks in this suspenseful party game. The Jenga Quake game is packed with fun for you and your friends. The excitement and suspense will build as you remove blocks in spite of the unpredictable quakes that will eventually be the tower's demise. It's the ultimate block party as you try to be the last player alive, being able to pull out your block before the whole tower comes crashing down.

Play Fast Before the Crash:

With a pulsating LED button, and quivering base, Jenga Quake adds suspense and amps up the action of the classic Jenga game. Build the tower then take turns pulling out the blocks one by one, placing each block back on top. How many blocks can you stack before the whole thing comes crashing down? You better hurry, but be steady, because you never know when the tower will fall.

Includes 36 Jenga blocks, base, and instructions.

Для игры понадобятся три батарейки АА, батарейки в комплект не входят.


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