Набор кубиков Halloween Pumpkin: Jack O'Lantern Dice Set, 7 шт.

A new version of the well-known and well-liked Halloween dice set! The engravings that disturbingly fit into the tone of horror and macabre, perfectly support the telling of atmospheric stories.

  • Classically spooky – Engravings of bats, ghosts, and the familiar pumpkin head make this set of dice a must-have for anyone who enjoys the atmosphere of grotesque and dark comedy.
  • Jack O'Lantern – Paints on the dice glow yellow-green when charged with UV light, allowing you to deepen the mood of each session and see the test results perfectly.
  • Always visible – Uncharged digits have a dark yellow color which is perfectly readable in daylight or lamps.


    • 7 специализированных игровых кубиков
      • D4 
      • D6
      • D8
      • 2 D10 (обычный и маркированный десятками)
      • D12
      • D20