Activity Мега вызов

Продолжительность игры: от 15 до 45 минут

Количество игроков: 3-8 человек


Возрастные ограничения: 12 лет и старше

Производитель: Piatnik

Серия игр: Activity

Activity has been around for more than 25 years, and Activity Multi Challenge is the latest version of the game, with players winning or losing together! In this communication game, players on the team need to guess six terms before time runs out, and you need to plan well since 24 cards must be finished in order to win the game. Things to be guessed come in fifteen categories, and in addition to mentioning these categories to help others guess the hidden term, you can draw activity coins in order to give additional clues, with ten different types of activities being possible, from rhyming to alliteration to pantomiming to talking backwards and more.



    • Игровое поле
    • 220 карт
    • 2 фишки
    • Песочные часы
    • 25 жетонов
    • Правила игры
    • Размер коробки: 400x283x55 мм