Star Wars: X-Wing Second Edition – Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion

Продолжительность игры: от 30 до 45 минут

Количество игроков: 2 чел.


Возрастные ограничения: 14 лет и старше

Производитель: Fantasy Flight Games

Серия игр: Star Wars: X-Wing

Broaden the possibilities of your Star Wars™: X-Wing games with the Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion! This expansion introduces a totally new way to play X-Wing, inviting two to eight players to engage in epic multiplayer battles as they command massive fleets in large-scale games that evoke iconic Star Wars scenes.

Featuring eleven cinematic scenarios, Epic Battles gives players the chance to fly coordinated wings of starfighters into a wide variety of situations. From desperate defensive actions to daring assaults on enemy fortifications, each scenario creates an exciting X-Wing experience. Within this expansion, you'll find five wing tools, eight upgrade cards, seven Wing Quick Build Cards, and everything else you need to stage your own epic X-Wing battles!


    • 7 Wing Quick Build Cards
    • 8 Upgrade Cards
    • 49 Other Cards
    • 5 Wing Tools
    • 10 Objectives
    • 16 Victory Counters
    • 54 Other Tokens
    • Rulebook
    • Размер коробки: 203x203x38 мм