Вакансия: "Хобби тренер" в компанию Games Workshop

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About Games Workshop

We make the best fantasy miniatures in the world and sell them globally at a profit.
The following statements define much of our business model and underpin our success:

  • We have an obsession with quality, and will go to extreme lengths to improve the miniatures and games we make.
  • We focus on our own intellectual property.
  • We have a worldwide presence.
  • We are committed to doing all this as profitably as is sensible.

What are we like?

Games Workshop is a business with a strong internal culture which means we have a very definite set of ideas, beliefs and ways of doing things.  All our employees are dedicated to constantly making things better for our customers, whether this is by providing wonderful product or delivering great service. We are hard working, committed, passionate, cheerful and above all put the business first, whilst continually looking at how we can improve ourselves. 

We believe that how you behave does matter, therefore we believe that attitudes, such as those highlighted above, are even more important than skills and for many roles we will happily teach the skills you need if you bring a great attitude to your work. 

If the way you behave and the attitudes you display fit with Games Workshop’s ideals, it is highly likely you will be successful, well rewarded and happy. However, it is only fair to say that people who don’t fit with our culture, or who play at fitting, will be unhappy and consequently unsuccessful. 

In the job being advertised we are looking for someone who both believes in what they have just read and is excited by what follows.

We are looking for Hobby Trainers that will work on a self employed basis, in and around the Capital City of Moscow. These are fantastic opportunities for experienced hobbyists to support hobbyist recruitment & community growth in independent stockists throughout Russia. 

You will need to be able to:

Recruit new hobbyists using the Capital Cities recruitment methods and strategies

Develop and deliver missions, deep strikes and event support

Organise Hobby Trainer gatherings

Help coordinate community and events development in your territory

Maintain an online booking system and our Hobby Trainer web pages

We are looking for people who:

Are keen, experienced hobbyists with in depth product knowledge

Can communicate effectively both with internal and external customers 

Can enthuse and excite customers and engage them in the hobby 

Are self motivated and happy to work alone

Are driven to deliver excellent customer service

If you would like more information about this opportunity, please send your CV to Ruslan Zakirov on ruslan.zakirov@games-workshop.co.uk